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Asicboost firmware for T9/T9+ by Crazy mining


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Crazy Mining company released software (firmware) for t9+ asics on the Sha256 algorithm, which allows to increase the network’s hashrate, with reduction of electricity.

ASIC Boost firmware by Crazy Mining allows you to overclock T9 + models up to 14.5 th / s with an energy consumption of 1600w.

Free custom firmware allows you to fully unlock all the possibilities of your miner!

This firmware works on the next pools, the list is incomplete: https://asicboost.dance/

Possible overclocking:

14.5 th / s – 1600w – Bitmain power supply is suitable.

          ( Firmware support): https://t.me/asicfirmware
         ( Download firmware): https://asic-firmware.com/firmware-for-antminer-t9-t9-crmi/

Alternative firmware for Antminer T9 + V009 update :

1) Stability improvement
2) You can choose between a complete restart of the ASIC and the restart of only the cgminer in Autotune section.
3) Besides automatic system for viruses checking there is now a manual checking and disinfection in the Security section. This also works against the new AntBuild virus
4) Fixed connection to the monitor Anthill.farm
5) The new Find Miner function to the config multiplier to search for more miners simultaneously
6) New format of downloading the log file in txt
7) New function “sleep mode” – mining stops and the fans drop to minimal. Available in the config multiplier.
8) No more problem with DevFee error exit

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