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Overview of the investment project Cloud Token and independent review.

Hello, in a nutshell, Cloud Token is a project from the universal trend of “Crypto wallets”, sending broadcasts to which you can receive “passive income” refers to such topics with a cool head and be aware of the risks (all of the pyramid and sooner or later everything will end ). In my opinion, marketing based on the price of the token for today (the price is now $ 0.4, the price at the start was $ 0.3), this topic is more interesting and is at the beginning of its journey, unlike its counterparts, where the value of coins already reaches a few dollars. Then I saw an international movement, and there were tens of millions of dollars in turnover - not from the CIS (this is a positive moment for the successful work of the project)

For example: the first topic of this kind Plus Token has been living for about a year and the price of the token has grown from $ 0.5 to $ 250 (real X's)

I advise you to penetrate, so as not to blame yourself for the missed opportunity!

P.S. It refers to the project as a highly risky opportunity to earn money, I have so far put the test a little over $ 1200 (at ETH). I communicated with a higher sponsor from Germany, he has a check of the order of several thousand $ a day, in such topics it is real.

P.S. (1) Projects of this kind are working on human greed (do not forget to withdraw earned)

P.S. (2) referral code - 0832668203 (instruction below)


Cloud Token is a Chinese multi-currency crypto wallet in the form of a mobile application that we install on a smartphone. On it, you can simply keep your cryptocurrency, but you can do something much more interesting! By pressing just a few buttons, you can send your Bitcoins, Ethers, USDT or other coins in trust. Having done this simple action, you begin to receive a daily profit of 6-12% per month! But that is not all! You get profit in CTO tokens, the price of which is constantly growing!

In a similar project, Plus token, which has been operating for over a year, the price of the token has grown from $ 0.5 to $ 250 and continues to grow. The initial investors Plus Token have increased their capital 150 times! Many became millionaires. Naturally, it is very dangerous to enter Plus Token now, since its price is at its peak and can collapse at any moment. But for this, there is Cloud Token, where the price of the token is only $ 0.4! The potential is huge!

As proof of the legend, there are reports on trading that can be seen inside the application:

And also, the main developer Ronald Aai showed the leaders how trading software works online! Here is the screen of this demonstration. After it, even the most skeptics believed!

Believe in this is not necessary, you just need to do the grandmother, while there is such an opportunity!


The main application developer is Ronald Aai. A real public person who can often be met at conferences and block-forums. Here is his facebook account - facebook.com/ronaldaai

Access to the market

The project appeared quietly, as it should! The first to enter it were the top leaders from the United States and began gradually to rock.

Malaysia has recently joined. The CIS is just starting; of the total number of participants at the moment, the CIS countries make up only 2%. Infu received from partners from Europe.

Conditions for investors

Currency of deposit: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, Doge, BCH, Tusd

Minimum deposit: $ 50, but at least $ 500 to activate an affiliate program!

The deposit is unlimited! The body of the contribution can be withdrawn at any time!

(If you take the body out before 30 days, the commission is 8.3%, if later it is 1%)

Yield floating 8-12% per month! Regardless of the amount of the deposit! Profit is accrued daily.

Profit is paid by CTO tokens. You can exchange them for the Ethers inside the wallet and withdraw them. The body of the deposit is not converted! If you have invested the Ethers, it means that you will get a profit for the broadcast!

Do not forget that in addition to the daily interest charges, the price of the CTO token is also growing! Therefore, you can get a lot more profit!

My contribution: more than $ 1200 (2.2 ETH + 600 TUSD)

Recommended deposit amount: everyone decides for himself

affiliate program

1st line: 100% of daily profits!

2nd line: 50% of the profits!

Each personal partner you cite opens up a new depth. If for example you led 7 people, you have 7 levels open! So You can open 10 lines!

3rd - 10th line: 5% of profit

If your total team turnover is $ 200,000 and you have 16 1st line partners, you get a rank (C1), and start getting 10% of partners' profits from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (c1), you get a rank (c2) and start getting 15% of the partners' profits from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (c2), you get a rank (c3) and start receiving 20% of the partners' profits from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (c3), you get a rank (c4) and start receiving 25% of the partners' profits from from the 3rd line to infinity.

If you have 3 people in 3 different branches with a rank (c4), you get a rank (c5) and start receiving 30% of the partners' profits from the 3rd line

note: If your partner catches you in rank - you stop receiving an additional percentage from him. Unlike analogs, there is compression. And this is very good!


Why invest in Cloud Token right now?

Downloading the application from the link - https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

referral code - 0832668203 (instruction below)

1.Trend idea of a cryptocurrency wallet with a remote control function. A similar project Plus Token made many millionaires. Cloud Token took into account all the mistakes of the elder brother and made at times a better product!

2.Simplicity! Unlike analogs, registration here takes 5 seconds, it is also not necessary, as in analogs to enter SMS, which many do not come!

3.There are reports on the trades, as well as evidence of the availability of working trading software. The analogs had no reports and evidence.

4.Open guide! There is a direct connection with admins.

5.International movement! Leaders from the USA, Malaysia and Germany are already on the topic!

6.Just the very start! The first earn the most!

7.In the world, everything is just starting! The market is free!

8.The affiliate program is not as aggressive as its counterparts, and compression is also present! This greatly prolongs the life!

How to become an investor Cloud Token


1.Download the application at the link - https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

2.If you have an iPhone when the application is downloaded, go to the phone settings: Settings / General / Device Management / YFC Tecnologies / Cloud token and click "trust"

3.Run the application, click "Create account" and enter the referral code - 0832668203

4.We come up with a pin code to enter and click next, then the payment pin code. and also click further.

5. Save the mnemonic phrase, it will be necessary to restore the wallet in case of force majeure!

6.On the screen you will see your login. Save it! It is very important!

7.Run the application, on the main choose the coin of the deposit. Best of all Ether, but you can others! Next, click Deposit and send to the address of the coin.

8. Install a 2-factor protection (it’s better to deliver right away!) (Google Authenticator) soon without it you will not be able to send coins to work and also withdraw them.

9. How to set up Google Authenticator

a) Downloading the app: Google Authenticator in Google Play or Apple Stor

b) After the jump, go back to the Cloud Token app, click on Settings / Google Authenticator

And click the "Activate" button. On the screen you will see a code to activate the Authenticator

c) Copy this code, go back to the Google Authhenticator application, then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

d) In the "Account" field, enter Cloud Token

e) In the “Key” field, enter your key that you have just copied in the Cloud Token application, and click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

f) If you did everything correctly, then you will see 6 digits on the screen - this is your Google code. The code changes every 30 seconds.

g) Return to our application Cloud Token, enter Google code (6 digits) and click Activate.


se 2 textured protection is set! Go to step N9.


When the coins reach and reflect on the balance, click Project / Jarvis / ETH (or another crypt) and start trading!CloudT-ref.png.10c784ce7699ac2b02b6061a1989e112.png

Everything, now your contribution works! Daily you will make a profit. It will fall on the balance in the CTO tokens. To convert CTO tokens to ethers, you must click on the CTO on the main one and then click Convert! After that, you can display the airwaves.

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