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How to create a cryptocurrency portfolio?


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An investment portfolio is a combination of various assets, be it real estate, fiat currency, precious metals, or cryptocurrency. A good investment portfolio allows you to earn constantly, since each of the components, one way or another, brings its own profit. If you are interested in the possibility of a stable and secure income, read on, because today I will tell you how to create a competent investment portfolio.

What do you need to make an investment portfolio?
First of all, there are several digital assets. Specific positions are selected according to two strategies:

  • An aggressive cryptocurrency investment portfolio consists of new coins, which are more than proven currencies. Thus, the investor expects to receive huge profits in the long term, while insuring himself with large cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.
  • A conservative investment portfolio, on the contrary, is filled with large and stable coins that do not generate phenomenal returns, but gradually increase your wealth. Conservative portfolios are recommended for beginners in investing and trading.

Suppose you have decided on the appropriate form of an investment portfolio. Now what? Now, you and I have to choose cryptocurrencies. We do this by the following criteria:

  • The prospect of cryptocurrency - this is your main breadwinner, who will bring money.
  • The practical benefits of the coin. Put yourself in the place of the cryptocurrency user. What surprises you in the chosen solution? Would an ordinary consumer be pleased with their purchase? Answer for yourself these questions, it will help to make the right choice.

From myself I can advise such cryptocurrencies as DASH, XRP and MaidSafe, which will be a great addition to any investment portfolio, both aggressive and conservative. Experiment with small amounts, look for your trump cards and then success will be guaranteed. Share your thoughts on this topic. Good luck!

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