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How to choose a pool for mining Ethereum?


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While Ethereum has not switched to Proof of Stake, you and I can successfully mine this cryptocurrency, but why spend your strength alone if there are mining pools? Miner associations allow each participant to get a solid profit with minimal investment, which is why I want to tell you how to choose a good pool in 2019.

Here, what it is worth paying attention to:

  • Commission. Agree, it makes no sense to work, if half of the income will go to cover service margins. Find out the percentage of the commission in advance, and only then, based on the data obtained, draw conclusions and plan further cooperation.
  • Open statistics on work. Honest and decent mining pool does not hide the volume of its activities, so that open statistics is always a plus.
  • Fast and regular payouts. The sooner you can get your first income, the better for you and your wealth. Find out how often earned money is credited, and if the indicator suits you, get to work.
  • Geographical location of the pool. The mining pool is a union of crypto enthusiasts who work on a remote server. And the closer you are to the server, the faster and more stable the work will be. Find out where the equipment is located, and then decide the possibility of cooperation.
  • Opinion about the service among your colleagues. There is no one who can describe the service better than its immediate customers. Read what they think about the selected mining pool in the masses. A huge number of negative reviews must alert you.
  • Ability to test the work of the pool. Honest and decent service is not afraid to give its customers a trial working period during which a person will be able to understand all the subtleties of the pool device and get ready for work.

More specifically, I can advise you on several excellent mining pools for the mining of Ethereum:

  1. Nanopool supports the ability to cash even the smallest amounts, so the service is suitable even for beginners without large amounts of money.
  2. Ethereumpool fast mining pool will satisfy both real pros and novice users of the cryptoindustry.
  3. Supernova. One of the oldest and proven pools. Rely on hundreds of positive reviews and try working with Supernova.
  4. WeiPool. The first week of work in this pool is not subject to commissions, which is always useful.
  5. Minergate is the best solution for a user from the CIS, but people from other countries will be able to work successfully with Minergate.

Study the market and select the optimal solution for your needs, and share success in this topic. Good luck!

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