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Tezos(XTZ). Why this coin is better, than Ethereum?


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Tezos(XTZ). Why this coin is better, than Ethereum?

Morning. Nowadays, popular coins have typical problems, such as a: deviation from the original ideas, wrong priorities and centralization of the entire system. All this is in the Ethereum. But every cloud has a silver lining. Imperfection of the Ethereum opens the way for new coins, which immediately surpass their "older brothers". The name of one of these breakthrough cryptocurrencies is Tezos. Next, I will tell you why this crypt is the "killer of Ethereum".

The main idea of the Tezos is to be better, than Bitcoin and Ethereum. This coin has advantages from the two largest crypto-coins, which is why Tesos is an excellent representative of the market. Nevertheless, about everything in a row. Let's take a closer look at all the advantages of Tesos, to be objective to this crypt:

  • Network unity. Almost all modern crypto currencies, eventually, are confronted with disagreements, which lead to the division of the coin network into several independent currents. This phenomenon is called hard fork, and it brings with it a lot of inconvenience to users. But in Tesos hard forks are impossible, because the system is updated regularly, taking into account the wishes of the entire audience. This breakthrough solution preserves the integrity of the cryptocurrency.
  • Perfect smart contracts. Taking the idea of Ethereum about convenient transactions, the developers of Tezos brought it to perfection, and today the smart contracts used in this coin eliminate all sorts of risks.
  • Using a Proof of Stake. The modern and current algorithm Proof of Stake allows Tezos audience not to spend money on the purchase of expensive video cards, processors or ASIC miners. To get good income from Tesos, you only need to buy some coins and wait for the system to charge you new coins. It is convenient and practical.

The advantages of Tesos can be discussed for a very long time, but I identified 3 main advantages that make this, so far little-known coin, an excellent alternative to even such crypto industry giants as Bitcoin or Ethereum. I am a satisfied user of Tesos, so I can safely advise this crypt to buy. And what do you think about Tesos? Share your opinions on this topic. Good luck!


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